By memento


Stability is nothing but perception. Take my cat for instance. She doesn't realize that there is no way she could ever tip over while in a seated position, yet she considers herself starving half the time, a mere shadow of a feline. The fact that she is not allowed outside could be a very pressing matter in her mind or perhaps she's satisfied with a mere view of it. I'll never know.

This past November was the ten year anniversary of the day that she crawled under my porch deck, causing me anguish beyond description until we could capture her. Yesterday, in the fresh snow, I saw a set of cat tracks leading to and from the underside of the porch deck and evidence of digging to get past the lattice we put up to keep critters out. Who is letting their cat roam outside in these temps?!! It has to be feral. Pardon me while I scream....NOOOOOO NOT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

*obsessive feral cat monitor mode kicks in*

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