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The last few times I've wandered in this direction I've caught myself mentally disparaging the Sheraton for putting up winter decorations so early before remembering that it's just the way the lights on the ceiling of their bar-thing always look from this direction. I'm sure no-one would be crass enough to erect a tree this early apart from the people in one of the first-floor flats which back on to the little path between Holyrood Park Road and St Leonard's Bank who once had a visibly-illuminated tree visible through their window in early autumn a few years ago. I was idly toying with the idea of getting all my shopping done before December even begins seeing as both sets of famblies are employing a ten-quid-maximum policy this year and there are few things less entertaining than queueing up to pick up things from the sorting office at the busier times of year.

Popped to see Times and Winds this evening on the basis that it would probably be harder to find in the DVD-renting shop than How to lose friends and irritate people if it was missed at the cinema. All rather good and well-shot though a few times in the first half of the film I was concerned that a few shots seemed to be a little bit mis-framed with not enough space at the top, later noticing that the image was too large for the screen and a wee bit was being projected onto the dark surround, exonerating the film-maker but sadly indicating the projectionist as a little careless. Trundled about a bit afterwards and did another ask-someone-for-permission shot but was a little bit too optimistic about the shutter speed despite being at ISO 1250 for it to have worked. Shame as it would have been a good shot. There was another I couldn't get earlier as I hadn't bothered to take my camera when popping out for food whereby three people were all standing around in similar odd ways in Festival Square; one was turning round slowly holding up a cameraphone, another trying to get a picture of what I presumed to be a child and husband near those big hemispherical statue things and another standing still looking up at the crane involved in the Rise of the Hall of Usher. Current phonecam is tolerable but only on objects which can be counted on to remain still for the twelve seconds required for the camera to boot up and the flash to be disabled after switching it on.

In a rare instance of doing something the moment I remembered I have just backed-up all RAW files and edited .jpegs taken and made since June.

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