By Jaxter46

Built in the 1970's

County Hall in Mold previous known as Shire Hall. A grim building with lots of empty rooms
Spent the morning here on a training course.  Another grim day with snow showers and really cold. 
Get paid this weekend which will show how much I am really worth !!!! Salary went down in November by 2500 quid for me  and the team I work with its all part of Local  Government Authority cut backs and  job evaluation.  They like what we do, want us to maintain the same standards and do more for less .This months pay will show the true status. Its all so wrong we work with vunerable people so they got us over a barrel as we will not do a dis service to the people we support. I could rant on ..........

But hey its the weekend and a lovely bottle of Prosecco awaits

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