By memento


Sometimes people (my lazy neighborhood ladies) call me Martha because I like to cook, make things, and I care about presentation. That does not make me Martha Stewart.

I don't design have my dozens of underpaid minions design dumb outfits for pets which I sell in PetSmart. Martha has never been in PetSmart, I bet. If she has, I wonder if she would be as upset over the lethargic Syrian hamster with the huge scab next to his eye. Would she inform the check-out clerk and wait around till the on-site vet has been informed? Would she then worry that the hamster will be euthanized instead of treated? I think this is the last time I'm going to PetSmart. I'll send Mr. M to get Smudge's Cosequin next time.

I didn't even make it over to the cat adoption cages on the other side. If one single person says they should just feed the hamster to one of the adoptable cats, I will personally visit you and...and....I don't know what I would do but you won't like it.

Other than that my day is going super duper, or supay dupay like my pint-sized friend says because he can't roll his r's yet.

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