The aerodynamics and control of this Canada Goose as it comes in to land almost defies physics. I liked the way the sharp lines of the ripple broke up the shadow. I know that most will admire them for their grace but, to be unPC, I can't look at that plump body without recalling how good it tastes too when roasted in the oven.

Wiped out today after a poor night but the bug seems to have been one of those 24-hour jobs. 

Just finished watching the brilliant second series of the US version of House of Cards (even better than the first series). Wow - what a drama, better than anything on terrestrial TV, plus we can watch it as and when we choose.

We wouldn't have known much about these series but, for a few years now, our eldest son, John, has been choosing them for us and giving them as Christmas presents. It started with The West Wing, then The Wire, then Breaking Bad and Studio 60  (not seen yet).

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