2011 photo resolution

By karenanya

Curious Robin

My camera has a wifi setting that means you can control it from a tablet via an app. I've not really experimented with it much but had fun this afternoon trying it out in the garden. I managed to put the camera close to the bird feeders using a gorillapod but the set up was not great as there was not much to attach the camera to. I tried the bird table too and waited patiently for a visitor. I managed to catch this Robin looking very quizzically at the camera. It is not quite in focus, but it was fun to have a go. The gang of six argumentative starlings didn't turn up but would have made a great picture. I think I'll have to work out the best spot for the camera and then find somewhere comfortable to sit inside ready to capture the best visiting birds. 

There was a new release at body pump this morning so I expect I'll be stiff later on in the week. Good to do something different though after a lot of weeks doing the same session. 

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