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Bowood 2015 #3

In a break with routine, I set out with my camera before I had completed my worksheet for the morning to make the most of the light. I parked at 1220 hr opposite Pillars Lodge in Mile Elm at the mouth of a driveway that leads to John Bentley School and headed off in the opposite direction along Coombe Grove, a path that eventually leads  to the Palladian Bridge, where a footpath leads down to Bowood Lake.

Along the way I saw a small raptor that deduction tells me was a merlin, but without anyone present to confirm the sighting I could have been wrong. I also heard a red kite close by and saw several buzzards and herons and a couple of birds I frustratingly couldn't identify but knew to be something noteworthy.

This view of Bowood Lake may be familiar to regular correspondents of this page, but not seen here before at this time of year. Bowood House was clearly visible just to the left of this view. The Heavens opened shortly after this was taken and I began the return walk.

As I walked back up Coombe Grove I came upon a pair of foxes in the adjacent field and had the joy of watching them for quite awhile. I got back to the car at 1355 hr. I found a schoolgirl's bus pass lying in the mud and dropped it off at Calne police station on my way home for lunch.

19.1.2015 (1208 hr)

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A Walk Up To Bowood Lake, 15 January 2015

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Lozarhythm Of The Day:
The Rivingtons - Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow (1962)
R.I.P. Kim Fowley on this day (b. 21 July 1939, Los Angeles CA, d. 15 January 2015, West Hollywood CA). He was an impresario, songwriter and general mover and shaker.
As a record producer he made this record by the Rivingtons, who were a black Muslim doo-wop group, also known as the Sharps, the Lamplighters, the Tenderfoots and the Four After Fives. They were also Duane Eddy's Rebels, heard whooping on those great classic records. On this hit record they comprised of Al Frazier, Carl White, John "Sonny" Harris and Turner "Rocky" Wilson Jr.
They were named after Rivington Street on Lower East Side.

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