By SeaGypsy

The careful insect 'midst his works I view,
Now from the flowers exhaust the fragrant dew,
With golden treasures load his little thighs,
And steer his distant journey through the skies.
~ John Gay,

We used to live in Bath, England and the name John Gay, made me think of Gay Street in Bath. I was searching but haven't been able to find out if Gay Street was named after John Gay, the writer. It would make perfect sense that it was, considering the life and times in Bath around then. I am intrigued and will have to research more. There certainly must be a way to dscover the derivation of historical street names. One of my school friends from about 45 years ago, actually lived at 3 Gay Street, Bath and I think that jogged my mind, to wonder about the possible connection. I shudder now, when I think of my delight at giving up history when I was 16. However, I think I was relieved to have less subjects to deal with.

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