One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Kwap kwap kwap weather

- Hey Kwacky, why do we keep coming here year after year after year? The weather is kwap! 
- Shurrup and prepare for landing Kwackoo
- I mean, I'm tired of it. Always the same kwap. We fly over 5,000 kilometres to get to our winter quarters, and the weather is kwap kwap kwap. Sick of this dump, loike... 
- Shurrup Kwackoo. Kilbarrack ain't that bad. There is kwappier. 
- Yeah, roigh, you're pulling my flipper, you flippin' liar.
- Not at all. One year I sayz to meself "enough of that kwap" and I kept flying east
- Tell us, Kwacky, was it any better?
- Better? Better my feathery arse! I landed in Scotland. And the weather was kwap kwap kwap, I mean really really really kwap 
- Oh kwap... 

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