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By mrpin

Yeongdo Island

Took the bike out for a ride today over to Yeongdo Island in the west of the city. The aim was to take some photos of the warren of houses built on the hillside during/following(?) the war. The structures are incredibly tightly packed, not high rise like most buildings in Korea, and they really illustrate the vast but often unnoticed gap in Korean wealth.

In the morning I made a new camera from a coffee tin for the day out. Yeongdo was great with plenty to see. Here I stumbled across a group of artists painting a large golden buddha ready for the forthcoming Buddha's birthday celebrations. Running low on gas though I had to cut my explorations a little short. Once refilled I ended up over at the ''Monument to the Fallen Heroes'' on the mainland. It was is an incredibly impressive monument and from this height presents a great view over the city.

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