By aholtphoto


Today I decided to take my study break to Brittlebank Park overlooking the Ashley River. When I pulled and parked the sun was already reaching the tree line across the river, and the light was absolutely gorgeous.

I was snapping away with my iphone when I struck up a conversation with this gentleman, Melly Mel. We talked about what a great spot it was, how chill this park was compared to others in Charleston, and what a great place it was to relax at after work.

Mel told me about his niece who works in England as a photojournalist. We talked about marraige, he got married almost a year ago while I am to get married in October. We discussed different places we had lived. The pros and cons of Ohio and New York, and generally how great Charleston is. All the while 2Pac was playing from the speaker of his phone that was in the chest pocket of his shirt.

I hope to run into him again. I made this picture of Mel sitting by the bank of the Ashley after excusing myself to leave.

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