Derelict Thursday

The inside of this!!  And you can see we have enjoyed another spanking summers day :)

Hour and half bike ride this morning.....we went for miles, and loved it.  

Coffee and chat with Welsh Rach this afternoon - one of four international physio's that I'm "kiwi Mum" too.  Aren't I blessed to have three of my own children, plus four from UK (one Welsh, two Irish, one English) that love me, aww :)

Thank you all so much for the overwelming response to yesterdays blip - the heart system seems to be in dire straits.  I've got 20 faves it tells me, received only 9 email notifications (what happened to the other 11?)  and because I haven't been near blip all day the notification list doesn't extend far enough for me to know who gave the others.  Grrr

So thank you one and all, I've enjoyed reading your lovely comments, very much appreciated, and to have my last two blips still sitting on the front page of Popular is rather a thrill.


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