Farm Track in Summer

Without the snow of early spring the mountains fade almost to nothing. The lurid green in the centre is probably the native vine Muehlenbeckia. Beyond the trees on the right is the Waimakariri riverbed. Dried horehound is in the lower left corner, with broom below it. This north facing bank gets very dry.

I went to Christchurch, the first time for several weeks that I have driven myself. I was running short of things, and I was anxious to get a new external hard drive to replace the two old clunky ones. Conditions were pleasant in town, but hot at home.

After lying around for a few days the pain in my feet and other parts had reduced a lot, but one day’s shopping has undone all that. I had to lie down again, dammit. Sorry that I’m not particularly active at present. My next big job will be to transfer the data on the old drives. One is inclined to get stuck in a loop and I have to force quit it.

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