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By iphigenie


Out of all the people at my last job I have managed to stay in touch with 3 or 4 of them.

There's a group of 2 which got along famously with each other and me, and we try to get together for a meal now and then - with partners, too. These are always great fun - great food, lots of it, fun conversation about anything and everything, and just great company.

Don't always get enough of these so I wish I was down in the SE more often :D

Anyway, 3 of the people in the group have a tendency to order a bit more food than we need, just so we can try things. I can't fault the logic, if we only meet every 3-4 months and we go to a restaurant most of us don't know and might not be able to go back to, why not try more flavours.

It makes for indecent looking tables, though - this was a meal for 5, and not all the dishes are still on it.

This was a vietnamese restaurant in Bexleheath, and very good it was too. We ate starter platters, and then we ate dishes with:
- prawns (1 dish)
- mixed seafood (2 dishes)
- goat (1 dish)
- duck (1 dish)
- beef (2 dishes)
- seabass (1 dish)
- frogs legs (2 dishes)

10 dishes, 5 people - a banquet!

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