MNDSGN - Chowdr (Feels)

I've taken a liking to taking baths. Perhaps because of the vessel it represents and the cleansing of yesterday's cobwebs. Inside the chamber, I listen to music, read, ponder and uselessly pontificate futile plans of self-development.

As of late I've been reading comics, perhaps because I'm bored or more likely, unable to maturely deal with real-life decisions. I've even started playing video-games again, even though interesting, are a major distraction. Honestly, they don't serve purpose but to waste time. Argue your point how you wish, but at the very least, such things can only hope to teach you and change your perspective in the hopes of making a better life for other people.

It takes time, and sooner for others, but purpose will find its way to make all distractions truly disappear.

I'm typing this in the bath, by the way. It's really relaxing! YES!

Today I've been reading Brian Azzarello's "Joker". Gritty and appropriately ugly for its titular character.

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