By Jaxter46


This is one of 9 flowers that we have framed. Mike's mum's Great Aunt Alice embroidered these around 1885.

Back then these little pieces used to be attatched to the front of camisoles worn under their long v necked dresses, the flower would provide modesty for the ladies and could be changed depending on the colour of dress they were wearing.

Alice Martindale lived in Liverpool and was the youngest of four sisters. she was engaged to Stuart Housen who was the first mate working for either The White Star Line or Cunnard. He disappeared on a journey to America and was never seen again. The Captain of the ship Albert Marshall broke the news to Alice and in time they got friendly and then married. Alice lived to the grand age of 101. She had a huge party for her 100th birthday and the Mayor of Liverpool attended.

It turned out that in fact she was only 99 years old. 

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