A view from St Swithin

By stswithin50

Archibald Simpson

There are many fine building at the top end of King Street - a couple designed by Aberdeen's most famous Architect - Archibald Simpson. This is Archibald Simpson house which was built orginially as a medical hall for the Med Chi society .
This is Med Chi was founded in Aberdeen  in 1789  originally as a society of  medical students , unhappy with teaching at the city's two universities (Kings College  and Marischal College). In 1811 it evolved into a postgraduate society. This medical hall  was built on King Street in 1820, at a cost of more than £3,000. In 1967, the major portion of the library's old and rare medical books was sold, and later the Hall in King Street was sold ( and now houses Nestrans ) . The proceeds enabled the Society to build a new Hall at Foresterhill, to which the Society moved in 1973. The society still flourishes and runs a lecture programme and social programme . l live in hope that someone in the city will clean and spruce up this and neighbouring buildings to bring a bit of life to a fairly neglected bit of the city .

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