This is Sheba cleaning her feet, she doesn't like dirt at all. Although she is technically a short haired cat, she is very fluffy but manages to keep her white coat remarkably clean.

I had a busy afternoon at work today but I left one of the surgeries with a bit more than I expected. I had just gone in to pick up any prescriptions for the shop and was chatting to the receptionists when I mentioned that it was maybe time I got another appointment to see about my frozen shoulder. "They're doing minor procedures today and there's a space in twenty minutes!"

Now I've already had a cortisone injection a few months ago in the front of my shoulder and it was a breeze so I said yes. This time the injection was on the point of my shoulder, down into the joint and I think I said a sweary word or two! Tonight it is still throbbing but I'm trying hard to kill the pain with some liquid anaesthetic!

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