New Year, New Life

By jenpedler

The changing face of Archway

Bright this morning but I was visiting a friend to do some Buddhist chanting.  Still bright at lunchtime but I was meeting another friend at the Gate (currently my favourite local cafe) for lunch.  By the time we came out it had clouded over.
Took a few shots of the Archway regeneration as I passed on my way home. There are so many changes going on round here at the moment. I'm trying to document them but really need a better plan than taking random shots in passing...
The infamous Archway Tower (left) is being re-clad and will become privately rented flats - with no 'affordable' housing :-(. Hamlyn House, the office block over the library (right) is in the process of being converted into a Premier Inn.  The other office block (not visible in this pic) is to become private flats for sale but work hasn't started on that yet. Probably won't recognise the place once it's all finished.  Only hope it doesn't drive out all the local independent shops.

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