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It started with an invite from The Queen...

...First Blip....and over the last year I've managed to blip some great actors Halle Berry, James McAvoy (who must have a lot of fans in Blipland as this was my most viewed entry (by far!), and er...Brad Pitt..well his double anyway...some cool musicians, K.D. Lang, Little Dragon, and Patrick Wolf, some stunning Argyll scenery including Loch Fyne, (which Blip made it into The Herald along with my Blip of the Ferris Wheel at George Square in Glasgow....I doubt I would have submitted these if it wasn't for Blip. )

I've met some fantastic fellow blippers (both "real" and "virtual") in Bristol, Glasgow and Argyll. Following your interesting and diverse journals has been inspirational and has woken my dormant creative side.

It's been an adventure - - like all great adventures it must come to an end so I've decided to stop daily blipping...for the next wee while anyway.

However, I have renewed my membership so will still be stopping please continue to keep the standard high :-)

Finally, thanks to my lovely G, for her encouragement and support over the last year - this journal is for you. XXX

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