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Bowood 2015 #6: Sandy Lane

There are three rights of way that meet at the Palladian bridge that crosses the southerly end of Bowood Lake on the Bowood Estate. One begins at Pillars Lodge, on the south side of Calne, another starts at Derry Hill, between Calne and Chippenham and runs south, and the other lies to the east of the Palladian bridge and starts in the village of Sandy Lane, near the George Inn.

Having investigated the other two, I set out to explore the third. All take approximately the same amount of time but offer different kinds of scenery along the way. The Sandy Lane path is largely downhill, which is not so good for the return leg, and also involves walking past a farmstead that has some dogs penned up in cages that bark incessantly and unattended as soon as they hear you walking past on the footpath, and so is my least favourite option. There are some good views that don't photograph too well, but the highlight on this particular walk was a large mass of snowdrops on either side of the path at one point along the walk.

I took this close-up with my Pentax K5 and a wider view on the iPad (so I could post it online on the spot).

31.1.2015 (1250 hr)

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