Black Rocks Views

We headed out for a walk today and ended up in Cromford just south of Matlock. It's famous connection is Richard Arkwright, and is considered one of the significant sites of the Industrial Revolution. Arkwright, a Prestonian (just like the chap in this photo), built a cottonmill here and invented a contraption called the Water Frame. A water powered spinning frame.

Our walk started at the canal wharf in the town and soon rose high above the valley to this spot - Black Rocks - where we had quite a view over the whole area. It's a real rock climbing haven.

Although it was beautifully sunny, the wind chill was freezing!!

On our route back along the canal I was extremely surprised to see two Dab Chicks (little grebes), just paddling along. They're usually such shy birds that you don't see them that close up.

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