Team Throw Down

The gym where I do my sports massage had a mad 'CrossFit' competition today. They were short of a female team member, so guess who got 'roped in' at the 11th hour....,

It was brutal!

I was the lightweight in the competition - literally!! The first challenge was % of bodyweight in either a back squat, deadlift, push press or snatch. Each person in the team of 4 had to choose 1 exercise. I managed a respectable 130% bodyweight back squat!! I peaked early!!!

We then lost all of our tug-of-war matches - I'm pretty sure I wasn't much use in those!!!!!

The next challenge was a team effort of 50 x 20kgs 'thrusters' / 40 x pull-ups/ 40 x 30kgs / 40 pull ups / 30 x 40kgs/ 40 pull-ups for time. We took the longest!

We did well in the next round! My contribution was 2 x 2 minutes of burpees. I saw stars and bruised both knees....

Finally, I had to bash out as many 16kgs Kettlebell swings in 2 mins whilst my partner held a 50kg deadlift. That was alright - I managed 65 - but when it came to holding a 50kg deadlift myself, I was definitely the weakest link!!!!!!

Came home for a snooze with Nedley Noo, and refuelled with a lamb roast. I may never be the same again....

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