The Freshest Produce Everyday...

Sometimes all daily blip ideas are put off by a single glance into a field on your way home.

I'm really liking this change into nice weather cycling. I started the commut-ycle just as it was entering winter last year, so although I've not had to deal with any extreme weather, I am quite accustomed to some of the yukkiness our climate can throw at us here. It makes this type of commute very pleasant indeed.

It's quite like our little trip to the ganghut today. Insto went last week and experienced the place with the character knob turned right up to 11 and so today with staffing levels slightly lighter, it was his spring/summer commute. This being Scobes' first visit, got his spring/summer commute. He's yet to experience the more #colourful aspects of the place.

#That's not negative in any way. The staff are lovely and very friendly, just not conventional for a cafe of this type.

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