Click Click Redemption

By Seoirseo

Reflective Apollo...

Or a momentary interlude between barking dementedly at overpassing airplanes or overhanging neighbours.

Anyway for the 1st time since my illness and subsequent treatment, I felt energised and keen to take some photos. Finally, some life back in the old bones. 

The new diet has turbo-charged my appetite and living a gluten/lactic/fermented/refined-sugar/fungal free existence is not proving to be the absolute nightmare I thought it to be.

Though, the gluten free bread I've tried so far is minging beyond belief; like freeze dried, powdery cardboard. I'll stick with the corn tortillas. 

The only real issue I have is with foregoing some sugar in my coffee. I've already shed  the milk. And I don't use other any sugar or sugar containing products at all. I'm using only about a half spoon per cup and only two cups a day.  And in fact, right now I'm using coconut sugar as a healthier option (though, how much of a difference is questionable) and have tried, but don't like Stevia too much at all.

I'll be talking again soon with my specialist and it would be great if he doc said, that was ok. Of course, it would be better if he said I could go back to eating whatever I liked, but I'll happily settle for a few spoons of sugar.

Also, my interest and love of cooking has been rekindled and it's been great rediscovering that and experimenting with different combinations of food.  

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