Emma D's diary

By EmmaDrabble

At Ross: Now lets take a look......

There is quite a queue for the dentist. Horses waiting in their stalls, waiting their turn. I walk into the yard, I hear the rasp grinding as I walk through. The equine dentist, Jamie Martin seen before on this journal  is a regular to horses in this area. It might look a little uncomfortable to us humans who gag at the thought of the dentist chair and a mouth full of metal work. I guess this isn't dissimilar for a horse. 

The pain of a sharp tooth grating on the soft tissue in the mouth is worth putting up with the dentist for, as is a sore tooth. There isn't many horses who protest, but I guess this is down to a good equine dentist with a direct and no fuss approach. Ash is an excellent patient, and no doubt relieved that its over and done with for another year..

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