By Peahen

Party girl

I think it was at about 6am that B arrived in our bed for the second time, gently querying whether I had all the arrangements in place for her birthday celebration on Saturday. She's normally pretty good at sleeping, but the birthday anticipation is all a bit too much to sleep through. Her excitement is manifesting via a beautiful drawing of her Lego Friends characters, all in party dress and also labelled up as B and her friends with speech bubbles saying "Party on!" and "Let's Do it!" So we have 4 adults and 4 children going to see Big Hero 6 then on for food.
Aside from wondering how best to fit in farm/present-collecting/sharing assembly/goodie bag stuff tomorrow, I spent today playing my sax and cropping photos for the farm website. My lesson for today is that you can learn a lot about composition when you have to crop to a certain size. Also that quieter is often better. Oh yes.

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