Full Moon this Freezing Morning

Wide awake I was: while listening to the churchbells, my phonealarm went off. And immediately after that the draincleaners were on the phone. If they could come now to start their camera-research. Of course! And so a few minutes later, I stood outside to put the lights on to show my helpers the way. And there it was!

Through the branches of the dark silhouet of the Guardian Oak The Full Moon was shining serenely. Full Moon in the Western Sky, and I had my Lumix already in my pocket!
In the cold dark blue of a new freezing morning, I felt connected with the whole universe.

Here my heart starts to sing its Moon-in-the-Morning-Song. It reminds the Zen-poetry of Meng Hao-Jan (Haoran). My mind completely clear, a joyful heart. Such a wonderful start of the day. And I entered with a big smile to make tea before the workmen would arrive.

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