By Marlytyz

New glasses

I had had a pretty full on week, at least for me at the moment, so I was really looking forward to a relaxing Friday.  However, my phone bleeped a message at 7 a.m. to say that son's partner was really ill and I was needed urgently to look after Amelia who will be 3 in April.

Of course I didn't hesitate.  Just as I was surprised at the overwhelming love I felt and still feel for my sons I cannot believe how this little girl has stolen my heart.  I feel such an amazingly close bond with her.

I am therefore not going to lie but I was a little surprised when she opened the door and her beautiful large brown eyes were partly hidden by  her new glasses.  Sadly, her loss of vision in one eye is at the severe end of the scale.  It is considered bad at plus 5 and Amelia's is plus 10.  

However, the main thing is that they have caught the problem very early.  She is not going to fall behind at school because she cannot see and maybe her sight will improve. She is also delighted with her new purple glasses and is so so careful. She takes them off and folds them  to ensure they don't get scratched.  She  was delighted to see that crazy nanny also had purple spectacles.  

We had a wonderful day together, lots of fun including a lunch for just the two of us in Cafe Rouge.  

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