By davidc

"Scrapbook Saturday" - Kaizers Orchestra

One of our sons gave me a photo scrapbook for Christmas, as a “Blipaid”. It’s called “104 Things to Photograph” as it has spaces for 104 photos, and each space has a specified subject idea.
So I’ve decided to set myself a personal challenge (which I’m calling “Scrapbook Saturday”) to work through the book, adding one photo each Saturday (and blipping that photo as well, of course!). On this basis it’ll take me 2 years to fill the book (or a bit longer if I end up finding something else to photograph on some Saturdays).
The first specified subject is “a sweatshirt”. In honour of the son who gave me the scrapbook (and one of his brothers), who are both ardent fans of Kaizers Orchestra, I borrowed his sweatshirt & one of his guitars for this photo.
Kaizers Orchestra (not to be confused with The Kaiser Chiefs) is was a Norwegian alternative ("gypsy") rock band which formed in 2000 and broke up (sob!) in 2013. Their website is:
Our sons’ influence was such that my wife and I joined our sons in going to 3 of their concerts over the years – one in Copenhagen, one in Oslo (where they performed in the Opera House along with a full conventional orchestra) and one in London (the latter being their only foray into the UK). I don’t understand the lingo at all but somehow that doesn’t detract from the music!
Their music is rather unique (and great fun!)  in that they often used oil drums and car wheel rims as percussion instruments. One of their number (on keyboards) would often wear a gasmask (hence the image on the sweatshirt) – for reasons which do not seem obvious. If anyone’s interested, there’s lots of performances on Youtube, two good examples being at:
(The second one is with a full conventional orchestra as backing.)

Hope you enjoy them!

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