By Samuel_Hale

Going Healthy

Sorry I missed today (the 7th) everyone! I am half an hour late but today was crazy busy!

I thought as my mum got me a new, amazingly sharp knife; I had better blip it! I love cooking and experimenting but I'm always grumbling about not having a good knife. I've taken the dremmel to a few of the older ones to sharpen them but with little success. But this one is fantastic!
It's also in my favourite colour!!

Today's boring healthy meal was steamed chicken and veg with tarragon and garlic. I put a few bay leaves in the water of the steamer which gives it a light aroma. I then threw some almonds in the mini blender, mixed them into some humous and had it on the side. It was pretty nice for something so simple!

Went for a three mile run today to start my training for the marines propperly.. I stopped a few to many times though! I've got some work to do.

I hope you're all enjoying your weekend so far, thanks for tuning in!

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