By CrimsonDragon

A day out in the countryside

Being over 60 I get a bus pass so I can travel on local buses free. I like to think it is thanks for years of hard work, sadly everyone gets on even if they have not worked.
Today I took a trip to Kingsbridge, a lovely little town in Devon, there was a street market and the shops were interesting, they always are in a new town.
The tide was out so the boats rested on the mud, the swans rest on the bank waiting for the water to return.
That was nice enough but the trip on the top of a double decker bus was just as nice, the bus goes through lots of little villages on its way there and back.
The countryside is so green at this time of the year, some fields are a vivid yellow when planted with rape seed. The soft round rubinesque hills casting shadows in the late afternoon.
Hill tops with woods trailing down their flanks, the sleeping fox.
Black and white cows nose down in the deep grass, on the way back some cows were lying down, a sure sign of rain, so they say.
Celandine like gold thrown down in the green fields. Sheep with their lambs and their little stiff legs.
Farms nestling in the hollows surrounded by deep hedges and twisting lanes. A sheep dog asleep in the yard.
Fields in odd shapes that are centuries old. A shallow stream, long strands of green weed hiding sticklebacks.
A good day out and all for free.

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