Anatole's blips

By anatolebeams

Snowdrop day at the Chelsea Physic Garden

A splendid show of super snowdrops at the Chelsea Physic Garden. 

Snowdrop by John Armstrong
Fearless fragile, and wondrous winter flower,
Lonely lantern bearer, in the darkest hour,
Bold witness, to the bitter icy blast
Trembling in defiance, you remain steadfast,
Bravely breaching the frozen crystal crust,
The truth to tell, propels your thrust,
A pendulous pearl, on cold winter’s ear
Whispering in prophecies, of change and cheer,
A pious sister, head bowed in prayer,
Renewing your vows, each start of year,
Slender, in habit green and wimple white,
Your mission, to bring forth hope and light,
In sorry orchards, now denuded and forlorn,
Amongst tilted tombstones, all weather worn,
From clustered cells, you spread the word,
To the winter weary, and those despaired,
The intemperate tyrant is in retreat,
Stretching days, will, long night defeat,
Your faith a spur, to the flagging heart,
As trust appears, dark doubts depart,
The sun scales higher, the leaden sky,
The smothered earth, once more does sigh,
Your three petalled bell, the changes ring,
Beyond the bleak horizon, comes jutting spring.

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