By seizetheday

The big day!

Having decided to tie the knot, we booked the first possible slot at the Register Office in Horncastle, near Mr M’s parents’ home. Gail, his mum was seriously ill, and we hoped she’d be able to come to our wedding. Only 3 weeks to get organised…

Rings were bought from a jeweller on the way for a walk in the hills - amazingly, they had one in a Celtic band design that fit my finger, and a plain gold band for Mr M. Bought my wedding dress at Darlington Spring Thing, aided and abetted by the ladies of Wakefield Morris side, minutes before we were due to dance on stage. A trip to the nearby shopping ‘outlet’ sorted Mr M’s outfit. Flowers were ordered (from a florist who didn’t understand the word modest!), an internet search brought up a country pub for the wedding meal, and Mr M recorded three guitar pieces to be played during the ceremony.

On the day Mr M drove us, a few close relatives and Louie, down to Horncastle in a big green minivan (loaned by our place of work), stopping at a ‘greasy-spoon’ cafe for mid-morning refreshment - possibly the only wedding party they’ve ever had! The ceremony was lovely - Tom and Angus (our respective sons) were witnesses, Lucy maid of honour and, though Louie didn’t come in to the ceremony, he starred in the wedding photos. Unfortunately, Gail was too ill to come so we spent some time with her straight afterwards.

What a day - very happy and great fun, but tinged with sadness.  Six months later, a big celebration ceilidh for lots of friends and family.

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