Dai Urnal-Instants

By DaiUrnal

Got a light, Mac?

... No, more of an off-white track suit.

Man carries naked flame through the streets of Bath.

Well, we had good weather for it, at least. Hope it holds until the 5th June when Venus transits the Sun for the last time for 104 years.

This travelling circus was well attended, and no animals were harmed in the course of its passage through Bath, with the two big sponsors' buses and a bank's more understated old-fashioned charabanc performing the audience warm-up act ahead of the Torch.

Not that they were really needed, everyone was happy and enjoying themselves. They were cheering everything that came along the road before the runner even appeared. Police outriders, even a council van.

The private lawn in front of the Royal Crescent is normally restricted to residents only, but on this occasion the proletariat stormed the ha-ha that divides it from Royal Victoria Park and enjoyed themselves, mingling with residents, skipping, playing cricket and tennis, walking their dogs and chatting while they waited for the torch-bearer to pass. Though the chap with the bicycle looked rather bemused as he pondered how to leave the lawn, when he found the gates locked.

It's a useful reminder to the great and the rich that no defences will keep you separate from the mob. You just have to hope they're a happy bunch..

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