By Letitgo

Istanbul - the chaotic city

I personally don't like crowded and chaotic places. It makes me feel teeny weeny and insignificant. 

Everyone seems to know where they are going, what exactly they are going to do; and you on the other hand, just come to look around and maybe have fun a little bit. But you actually get lost in this human traffic. You can't stop for a while to take a deep breath because people are going to follow their ways not caring if they bump into you or not.

If you get a fairly amount of people bumping into you, you may even lose your balance and start to see the infinitely many types of shoes instead of infinitely many faces. 

But if you look from the bright side, you can get some fashion ideas from these people because there are a lot of people with completely different styles. Even if you fall down, a lot of stylish shoes will be waiting for you! 

If you live in Istanbul, or if you ever get a chance to visit here, you are going to see this scene very often. But there are also places that you are going to just do your morning sport and enjoy the beautiful Bosphorus view. 

Yes, sometimes you have to let yourself go away from the crowd to renew your body and mind. You just have to.

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