Click Click Redemption

By Seoirseo

On his Sweeny Todd!

The barbers where I get my hair cut. Going on holidays, so it has to be done!

This, I believe, is the father of the guy who runs the place. He seems to spend his day shuffling from one end of the barbers to the other, reading newspapers or simply snoozing.

He very rarely actually cuts anyone's hair, which is no bad thing, as he did me once and what typically takes 20 minutes stretched out beyond an hour. And you can forget telling him what you want, it's his way or nowt.

Actually, for this shot, amongst others, one of the other barbers was turning me round in the swivel chair so I could get various different shots of the place. I felt like a spoiled 5 year old! 

Now that my hair has lost its tumbleweed edge, Sandra will allow me to come with her next week. Yuk Yuk.

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