By Naturelover

Blackbird singing...

in the dead of night...

Great of my favorites in fact. But it was morning when I took my photos.
I've spent hours trying to edit this in PaintShop Pro...they obviously have a higher regard for my intellect than they should...and this is the best I can do today.

Tim (outdoorguy) and I had a great time wandering and taking photos today, and we ended up in the National Cemetery. My father-in-law is buried there, so I felt I had every right to visit.

The rows of crosses are unnerving...the chambers where the ashes are buried are too's a quiet place filled with ghosts and beauty.
And birds...singing and living amid the solemn presence of those who have served their country.

This blackbird was singing right after we heard a 21 gun salute as another veteran was laid to rest...

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