A Wave On The Ocean

By Bensholto

Challenge: rough.

My latest entry for the 2012 challenge, this week: rough.

What I first noticed was the way the light fell on the wall as I walked around Manchester. (That's what a beautiful bright sunny day does for you.)

And then I noticed the lines, and the angles - I always seems to notice the lines and the angles - and then I noticed the brickwork, the roughness of it. So it fits for the challenge.

And funnily enough, around the same time that I noticed these things, the very drunk rough smelly bloke noticed me with a camera.
"What you doing there then?"
"Just noticing things."
"Yeah well why don't you f*** off then."

So I took the photo and I took his advice.

Manchester. So much to love.
Happy sunny Tuesday!

(Yes, I can take pictures in colour. It does happen sometimes.)


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