Tea with added Krust

By KrusTea

My day

I've finished  :-D   Isn't it really lacy? It's not my work so I can admire how well it's been done.  It's so light but very fluffy - I'm sure it will be deceptively warm to wear!  I like how I managed to line up the seams exactly while "easing"  as the pattern says (in layman's speak - that means stretch one bit to make the other fit)   It didn't need much easing at all.

Visited a friend,  popped into a supermarket on the way home, fancied a roll and sausage for lunch, bought said lunch, cooked said lunch, knitted a bit then sewed up.  and now heading to bed - to do a wee bit of organisation with the threads!  I should get my bed back before I kick them all over the floor!!!

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