One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye


Ade! Hey, Ade, wake up! 
Look at Dublin Bay awash with colours as the newborn sun ignites a festival of ephemerally resplendent pinks and oranges and indigos and purples and yellows.  
And look! Look! A pod of dolphins saluting the arrival of our majestic green train, leaping out of the water, shimmering like be-finned gold ingots.
And look! Look! Jayzus, someone pinch me I'm dreaming! The Booterstown Unisex Naturist Beach has finally opened and the young ladies from the school of nursing have organised an impromptu volleyball tournament on the strand. Look at these naked nymphs bounding gracefully to hit that ball over the net. 

Actually, no Ade, don't wake up. I've made it all up. It's the same old shade of grey out there, just the one. 

And the blanket of misty bands of clouds as low at the chimneys in Pigeon Point. 

Grab a few more minutes of sleep, there is nothing to see out there. 

Grab those 40 winks and

Oh, but sorry, the sound of my camera shutter has just woken you up. 

And you are highly amused at me taking that photograph of you sleeping. 

I take your email to send it to you, you say that it is going to make your kids laugh. 

I am glad that you saw the fun side of it. 

Others would have been tempted to headbutt the weirdo with the camera. 

You are now officially part  of my growing Dart family

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