The Geeky Christian

By s90man

A birthday down in Lilliput Lane…

Grandad has a lot of these Lilliput figurines on his fireplace. I tell you, I could blip for years with these things… creating little village scenes… oh dear.

So yes we were at Grandad’s today as part of Dad’s birthday celebration! Gets him away from things and lets us see Grandad at the same time. Both me and Mum were feeling the fatigue today, more of this virus stuff, but it didn’t spoil the day. Much relaxing, reading and discussion about anything and everything (Grandad is still “sharp as a tack” as the Americans would say at 89!). We had cake of course and I actually lit the candles! I’ve been a bit cautious around matches since I burnt myself with one in Year 5. Fear overcome!

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