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By delphwynd


Cleaned, degreased, regreased, oiled, tightened, etc., etc., the bike under blue skies this morning. Spent so long doing that, by the time I'd gotten myself cleaned up and into a pair of shorts (second week of February, and back in shorts; woohoo!) the clouds were gathering. By the time I made it to here it was a blanket of grey.

Back in the summer when I was up here last I got chatting to an older lady, also on a bike, that was filling me in with some of the history around the old farmhouse. After I'd taken some more photos I noticed she'd made her way around the back of the buildings and was camped up underneath a tree in a makeshift shelter. I wandered over there today and found that all abandoned too, though by the quantity of bags of rubbish and empty food cartons it looks like she spent a bit of time there. There was some notebooks and a couple of jigsaws, some clothing also, and it looked it'd been left in a hurry. I hope she moved on to somewhere safe and a bit less exposed than out here on the old landfill site.

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