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Today is a "no walk" day. The Boss warned me about this yesterday as he had a full calendar but I don't mind this too much as I always, well mostly always, go with him and the folk he visits often come out and greet so that's all a plus.

K9 thought for the day...When The Boss's parents died, many years ago there was left behind a rich collection of pictures. In shoeboxes, drawers and albums they resided and the family had this at their fingers so to speak so they continued into the family history without any issues. Consider today.. Where are your family pics...On a computer, right! VERY WRONG. What guarantee do you have that should the unthinkable happen these pictures will be recoverable. What guarantee have you got that in 10 years time they will even be readable? " they are backed up in some way" you say. Oh! So the back up media will be OK in 10 years? So you get the drift. There are a couple of ways you can prevent this.
1 get prints done regularly or...
2 Make a photo book. There are a ton of really good ways to achieve this from DIY to professional and a bit of printed paper will outlast any electronic media and provide you and your family an immediate benefit. Go talk to MY FRIEND acyclinggranny about this. She is an expert.
Here endeth the lesson... Huf huf huf

Light is the thing that makes photography exciting. This morning while the weather was making up it's mind, the sun peeked across the park and caught the edge of this tree on it's last gasp. I was looking out the bedroom window for something to start the barking day with and noticed this. While I was contemplating the matter (very important for a dog) The Boss came tearing in with his camera and opened a window.
"Ruff" I said.
"Oh no very smooth" he said as the camera made it's funny noises.

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