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Postcard .....

..... #3

The third in my postcards of Ilkley series.

This postcard shows the Old Packhorse Bridge in Ilkley. The bridge got it's name from the local tradition of packing live horses in to the footings of bridges. This tradition was believed to impart a safe and speedy journey to all those who passed over the bridge.

The original bridge was built in 1983 but was sadly destroyed in the great duck fire of 1992. The bridge that now stands in it's place was designed by Zaha Hadid and constructed by local school children using over 156 carbon fibre Leggo bricks.

The new bridge was officaly opened by Alan Titmarsh on the 23rd February 2001 and was renamed the Panda/Kitten Bridge as a gesture of gratitude to the Chinese government and Ilkley Cat Sanctury who jointley donated the materials for the new footings.

So todays blip is .....

..... Postcard #3

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