... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Covered Market on Valentine's Day

Preparing for a busy day in large.

Hmmm, the market was rather nauseating today, and not for gory reasons (although those were as raw as usual!). Many of the shops had gone all out with Valentine's Day "tie-ins": who'd have thought that meat could be so "romantic"...? Boxed red roses, heart decorations everywhere, red-coloured signs and advertising. Does it work? 

I left feeling even more steely in my resolve not to mention the l-word today: it feels so awfully devalued, and expressing it on such an occasion would feel dangerous because it might seem obligatorily trotted out and hollow compared to the feeling.

Romantic steak
A different kind of heart in the butcher's window...
The Garden is usually quite tasteful
The fish at the right looks like it wants a hug

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