I was really tempted to stay in today.  The weather was grey, damp and misty and I had the feeling it was going to be a " bad back day" - I could feel the tell tale signs.  However I decided to make the effort to go out..

I got the bus to Newcastle and then the Metro to just outside Byker.  Then a short walk to Newcastle Shopping Park.  I went into the Marks and Spencer outlet shop.  Tried a few things on and got some trousers and a fleece top.  Also looked in T K Maxx  - got nothing  ( I managed to resist buying a handbag ) and did some food shopping in Asda.  Then Metro back to Newcastle and bus home.  Got home about 6.15pm.

As I feared my back did get painful so I took some Co-Codamol while I was out and that really helped.

I took my blip shot at the station when I was waiting for the Metro back to Newcastle. I had a 14 min wait and I was bored.

Spotted lots of men with flowers/red heart shaped balloons while I was out and about. Cupid strikes again.  I bought myself some daffodils but they are not ready to blip as they haven't opened yet.

Steps today - 8,136

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