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Admiralty Pier

Seems a regular fair swap on a Sunday nowadays; Samantha gets dragged around with me an my camera, followed by me getting dragged around with a shopping trolley.

Re-visited the abandoned munitions site over the River Forth at Bandeath this afternoon. Built to supply the Navy with armaments during World War I and through World War II, this crane loaded up the ships that then set off down the Firth to the naval dockyards at Rosyth. It had its only internal railway that terminated here at the pier. It was - understandably - kept pretty secret (it never appeared on any Ordnance Survey maps until the 1950s) and after being sold off by the Ministry of Defence in the 1970s it was intended to be converted to industrial units, but the quantity of asbestos in the buildings meant that was never fully followed through and now the thirty plus warehouses are mostly populated by asbestos immune sheep.

After delaying the inevitable as long as I could, the grocery shopping was almost painless.


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