Happy Pyjama Pancake Day

Having a bit of spring clean today (in my pyjamas) seeing as the sun is shining. The Venetian blind in the bathroom took blinking ages! Then I suddenly realised it was Pancake day so took a rest from the dusting and hoovering and blind cleaning (any excuse!) and made some Pancake batter. I may well change this smiley face for me trying to toss a pancake later (which I did!) which appears to be my blip tradition - but I have taken this just incase the Pancakes stay stuck on the ceiling! (They didnt!)

But it appears I am the Champion Tosser - again!

BBC Food recipe is;
300ml semi skimmed milk
2 eggs
a pinch of salt
100g plain flour

My favourite topping is golden syrup and lemon juice but I had t settle for Maple Syrup instead!

Right, back to that Henry.


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