By irunlykagirl


it was a simple idea. Gloria had heaps of chillies. I had a thermomix.
The plan was - turn this pile of chilli into wonderful warming options before they went off.

STEP 1 - don't leave them in the bag too long - chilli is not good for itself. Within a 72hrs the bottom chillies were already in trouble (& so was the bag)
STEP 2 - sort the hot, from the really hot & clean out the unwanted stuff
STEP 3 - find a few recipes to turn them into....chilli jam, thai red curry & straight chilli paste
STEP 4 - open the windows, turn on the exhaust & put on gloves (actually i did all this before step 2 - & the gloves didn't go the distance)
STEP 5 - plug in the thermomix & get to work....

I got as far as the thai red curry paste, had a thermomix demo planned - got up to the custard (not my idea) & it broke.  A simple message that read C150 please contact customer service. Device switches off automatically.... & it then it did.

So I am left with just over 3kg of ready to go chillies sitting on the bench awaiting STEP 5, 6 & 7 (something about seal it in a jar & put it in the freezer)

Other than that, I am unable to renew my licence as I can not prove where I live ( it expires tomorrow) & I still have a few jobs to get done on my last day off until the big event I keep harping on about...
I think chaos is going to ensue....

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